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6 Benefits of Wearing Linen Pyjamas

With a focus on sustainability, linen is increasingly used to create clothing such as (luxury) pyjamas. We hear you think; "Is it a good idea to wear linen pyjamas?" 

People have been wearing linen clothes for thousands of years and for good reason. We have listed the advantages of wearing linen pyjama sets below.

  1. Strength and Durability
  2. Does not stretch, or lose shape and has hypoallergenic properties
  3. Linen pyjamas are easy to care for.
  4. Linen pyjamas can be worn all year round.
  5. Linen pyjamas are sustainable.
  6. Comfortable & Stylish

What is Linen?

Let’s kick off with a short introduction about linen. Linen is woven from the fibers of the flax plant. More than 80% of the fiber flax is grown in Western Europe. The soil and climate conditions in countries such as Belgium and the Netherlands ensure that the crop can grow very well in these countries. Growing flax is relatively easy and the plant requires little water. However, converting flax fibers to linen is a rather difficult process.

Strength and Durability

Because linen is more than twice as strong as cotton, the fabric is a lot more durable than cotton.

Does not stretch, or lose shape and has hypoallergenic properties 

Another advantage of linen fibers is that they do not stretch as much and are resistant to abrasion damage. In addition, linen pyjamas do not lose their shape after washing and become softer for the skin over time.

Linen has hypoallergenic properties. Due to the low thread count and the loose weave, it retains dust particles less quickly, which means that the risk of an allergic reaction, especially dust mite allergies, is a lot smaller.

Linen pyjamas are easy to care for.

Always follow the instructions on the label to wash your (luxury) linen pyjama set. Linen pyjamas can be machine washed on a cold wash setting, but make sure to use a mild detergent so as not to damage the fibers.

Linen pyjama sets can be worn all year round.

Linen pyjamas can be worn in both summer and winter. Linen is able to keep you cool when it is warm, but also keeps you warm during the colder days. Linen pj’s are ideal to wear as summer pyjamas because they are light, highly breathable and also moisture-wicking. But linen can actually be worn all year round. Linen is a natural insulator and ensures that excess moisture is quickly removed, keeping you nice and warm, even when it is a bit colder.

Linen pyjamas are sustainable.

With the rise of sustainable clothing, wearing linen pyjamas is also becoming increasingly popular. The flax plant from which linen is made is easy to grow. Almost everything from the flax plant can be used in production and the plant also requires much less water than, for example, cotton. In addition, linen is biodegradable and can be recycled.

Comfortable & Stylish

Our luxurious linen pyjama sets have a loose, comfortable fit and also look very stylish. This allows the pyjamas to be worn both indoors and outdoors.


With positive properties such as durability and the fact that you can wear the pyjamas all year round, the purchase of a comfortable and stylish linen pyjamas is definitely worth considering.

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