A|W '20 "The Joyful collection" - Phriya

A|W '20 "The Joyful collection"

The joy of full time dreaming

Before we start to present you the collection, we would like to thank you all for your support and for dreaming together with us! 

Thanks to you we can continue to create and to do what we love!

With this new “Joyful” collection we want to remind you to find pleasure, amusement, excitement, gratitude and joy in the little things in life.

With all the craziness and terrible things that are happening in the world right now, we decided to do things a little bit different this time. Instead of a beautiful compelling story we brought you something else.

A little bit of JOY!

"The Joyful collection"

We created two exciting new pyjamas. We wanted to focus on colour and fabrics. The first pyjama is our Joyful Pink pyjama set made of a combination of delicate cotton and linen. The second pyjama is our Joyful Green set, made of super soft 100% linen. The colours are bright and they make you feel good just by looking at them. For our Joyful Pink pyjama we chose the most beautiful and feminine shade of pink that we could find and for our Joyful Green pyjama we used a shade of green that will brighten up even the cloudiest days.

We really hope that with this small but meaningful collection you will find joy in all the little pleasures of life.

P.S. We believe that joy is quite contagious, so if you know someone who can use a little bit of joy in their life, maybe one of our beautiful pj’s can help.

joy collection

joy collection 2

joy collection


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