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'Ponza' | The story behind the collection

Islands have always been ideal places for most of us. Blue seas, warm sun, wild nature and endless beach. Who needs more? There are many types of islands, but all of them have one thing in common. They are all surrounded by incredible tales about mermaids, monsters, witches and fantasy creatures. Stories that locals can’t wait to share with you.... 

In Ponza these stories are told more than anywhere else. The charming little island was born from volcanic eruptions and here you will find a true naturalistic place combined with the most fascinating legends. Once you step out of the boat you will see a colorful little village, a harbour that shelters cafes and trattorias. A true paradise for the lovers of the sea. 

Ponza has an intangible aura of magic and the perfect mix between history and legend. According to the legends Ponza is the island of Aeaea in Homer’s Odyssey. It is the island of Circe the sorceress where her cave or grotto was. Today it is known as Grotta della Maga Circe on the left side of the island, between Capo Bianco and Chiaia di Luna. According to the story she lived in this cave in the winter months, while spending the summer at the top of nearby Mount Circe on the mainland of Italy. This is where Circe turned Ulysse’s men into animals and afterwards cast her spell on him to seduce Ulysse to live on the island with her. 

We tried to capture in our prints both the love story of Circe and Ulysses and also the beauty of this naturalistic island. We hope that our pajamas will make you dream and wonder  about this magic island.

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