Women's Pyjamas

Are you looking for comfortable women's pyjamas in which you can dream wonderfully at night and relax on the couch during the day? Phriya got you covered. We offer a collection of luxury women’s pyjamas in different designs and colors such as white, navy blue and pink.

4 products

4 products

Discover our long sleeve pyjamas which you can wear all year round. Also check out our short pj's, or our pyjama sets with shorts for the hot summer days.

Phriya offers a variety of cotton pyjamas, but also pj’s from other fabrics such as linen, or a combination of cotton and linen. Our women’s pyjama sets are made of premium materials and therefore feel incredibly soft.

Choose from our women's luxury pyjamas with hand-painted prints such as Odyssey, Palmarola  and Circe's Garden, or our pj's with cheerful colors.